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Make the most of your real estate investments.

Let LuxStay Rentals do the work for you!

We manage the entire rental process from booking to cleaning, and we use advanced pricing technology and market analytics to maximize your return. The result? Hands-off income and the comfort of knowing your property is cared for by professionals.

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1. Earn money quickly

Earn more income by partnering with the best in the industry. Become a real estate investor today without fear of losing tons of money or having to spend time getting certified. LuxStay Rentals has you covered!

2. It’s all under control

Thanks to verified tenants, professional cleaning, and regular quality audits. We spend time building valuable relationships with not only our tenants but our local community as well to ensure your property is safe and gets great reviews.

3. Hands-off management

We handle everything, and your personal account manager keeps you up-to-date. LuxStay Rentals is your true partner in business. We will supply you with monthly earnings and occupancy statements to make sure you’re always informed.

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